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Mi Home Security Camera 360 1080P (White)


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Product Highlights
  • For Indoor, Outdoor Use
  • NA HDD
  • Night Vision Feature
  • No of Channels: 0
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 360 Degree Vision
  • Infrared NightVision
  • AI Powered Motion Detection
  • 2 Way Audio
  • Baby Monitoring

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Colour: White

This Xiaomi security camera is here to make sure that your home and your family stay protected when you’re not around. It comes with a dual motor head that enables it to rotate and capture a 360 degrees horizontal view and a 96 degrees vertical view so that you can view your home from all angles. And, it offers HD picture quality to ensure that even distant backgrounds are clear and detailed so that you don’t miss out on a single detail while viewing the footage.

Full Home Protection

This smart security camera comes with a dual-motor head that enables it to rotate and capture a full 360 degrees horizontal view and a 96 degrees vertical view. Its shockproof design and quiet motor ensure that the rotation is smooth and silent. This way, thieves will remain unaware that they’re being recorded.

HD Picture Quality

Thanks to this security camera’s 20 megapixels, HD (1080p) resolution, and wide dynamic range, even distant backgrounds come out clear and detailed in the recorded footage.

Stunning Colour Even in Low Light

With the all-new low-light true colour technology, this security camera lets you see a full-colour palette even during the darker hours of the day – without the need of infrared illumination that only provides black and white picture. This way, you get a more realistic view of the occurings in your home.

Clearer Night Vision

This security camera offers f2.1 aperture that allows more light intake. And, the infrared illuminator helps increase visibility. This ensures that you get a good view even in dark and dimly-lit conditions.

Advanced Video Encoding Technology

This new video encoding technology facilitates smoother streaming and reduces bandwidth without compromising on detail. This way, you get the same pixel count and bit while it makes use of half the storage.

AI Motion Detection Alert

With the integration of the deep learning technology and focused optimisation of the algorithms and network software, this security camera can accurately determine when there’s something suspicious going on in your home and immediately notifies you on your phone.

Talkback Feature (2-way Audio)

Thanks to this feature, you can easily talk to your family using this device.

Conveniently Store Videos

This security camera supports Network Attached Storage (NAS), which means that you can store files that are backed up from SD cards to NAS storage devices.

View Recorded Videos On Smartphone/Tablet with Playback

You can check on your family back home from anywhere and also fast forward through the recorded video at 2x/4x/16x speed. You can also store videos using microSD and network attached storage (NAS) devices.

Install Upright or Inverted

As this security camera is pre-installed with a rotation base, it can be placed on a table, window, ceiling, or wall. And, with a minor camera setting change, inverted installation is also possible.

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Product ID
Number of Channels
Camera Type
Ip Camera
Video Output
Video Recording Resolution
1920 x 1080
Video Recording Frame Rate

Product Details

HDD Available

Additional Features

Model Name
Mi 360 1080p WiFi Smart

In The Box

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1 Smart Monitoring System, AC Adapter with Cable, Mounting Accessories, User Manual

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